DELTA PI is a leading provider of independent inspectors and surveyors that carry out Inspection, Expediting and Auditing activities on equipment associated with business in the O&G field, as well as renewables, Infrastructure, Water and Marine sectors

"We will be your eyes when you are blind, your boots on the ground"



We can praise a staff of employee inspectors always growing integrated by a vast network of freelancers, operating worldwide on various kind of equipment: Valves, Fittings, Flanges, Pipes, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Structures, Skids, Cooling Towers, Basements, Pumps, Compressors, Turbines, Actuators, etc. including Subsea equipment such as Xmas trees, wellheads, Umbilicals, HPU etc.


Quality is our focus.
ADDED VALUE : A key strength of Delta Pi is the short chain from client to inspector, which gives us ability to react to client’s demands mobilizing inspectors in a short time frame, and to answer client’s doubts and requests in “real-time”.
SAFETY : We pay particular attention to Health and Safety environment as it is our priority to deliver the best service ensuring HSE requirements are met by manufacturers.


Our team of technical specialists is continuously trained (both internal and Internationally recognized training, such as: NDT certification according to EN ISO 9712 and/or SNT-TC-1A, Welding Certification, etc. to guarantee the quality of rendered service to our clients.
Our strength is also the customer-oriented approach as are fully aware about the importance of delivering the material on time to the full satisfaction of the client.


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Delta PI provides coverage of PIM/KOM/PPM, Interim and Final Inspections by using qualified personnel, even at short notice. The following areas/equipment are covered: Mechanical – Electrical & Instrumentation – Welding – Destructive & Non Destructive Examination – Coating & Painting
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Delta Pi provides Desk and vendor Expediting services ad hoc, on a resident basis or Inspection combined to meet client’s demand. Our Expediters will undertake any necessary actions to ensure to meet project deliveries.
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Delta Pi also provides other services, such as:
Process/Product Audit – Risk Assessment – Technical Services – QA Management/Coordination and any other Client taylored service

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